Why you should consign your luxury watch with WatchLink?

Best value for seller

If you are not urgent for cash, consignment is the best option. Sellers will be able to list their watches closer to market value, as compared to direct sales to watch dealers.

Well Structured and Proficient Online and Offline presence

With an average of 280 daily boutique walk-ins, 37,000 views and 7,200 active users on WatchLink website weekly, our team focuses on increasing exposure for your timepiece and helping you seek the right buyer.

Hassle-free process

Consigning at WatchLink saves you the hassle of communicating with potential buyers and going through negotiations on online P2P platforms. All you have to do is to consign your watch with us for 30 days at no cost and we do the work for you.

Sell Your Watch Safely

Although Singapore is known to be a safe city, there have been cases of luxury watch seller getting robbed when dealing privately. Consign your watch at Watchlink gives you peace of mind.

Still not convinced that such crime exists in Singapore? Take a look at this news report and think again.

Student Jailed for Swopping Rolex with Replica

Teenager Rolex Scam on Carousell

Exceptional Customer Service

Our team consists of passionate watch enthusiasts with a superior level of knowledge and experience in the luxury watch market. We pride ourselves on our commitment to building long term relationships with clients, ensuring that excellent customer service is always provided.

Proper Documentation and Invoices

All paperwork for consignment is prepared by Watchlink to make sure that all transactions are well recorded. We take proper measures to mitigate any fraudulent activities.

Find out more about consigning your luxury timepieces by contacting one of our sale representatives today!

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